Dr. Stacey Pribanic, LAc, DAOM
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Acupuncturist ~ EFT Practitioner ~ Herbalist

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"That was a very transformational session for me!  You have a great gift."
     ~ LM

"I love your approach.  This is transformational acupuncture!"
     ~ AG

"Thank you Stacey Pribanic, my beautiful healing acupuncturist for transforming me back to my most precious self........ I can hardly put it into words how grateful I am to be in your presence....to have a clearing so I can go back to work tomorrow and help my patients the way u help me... I love you my dear!!!! Best EFT Acupuncture session ever! I am bursting with LOVE right now!"
     ~ GA

"You have made such a tremendous difference in my life, I can't begin to thank you enough.  You are truly amazing!"
     ~ M.E.

"Stacey is fantastic!  I have been an extremely satisfied customer and huge fan for almost two years.  She has helped me deal with numerous side effects from cancer treatment including insomnia, vertigo, and more via acupuncture.  She is an excellent listener, has amazing consultative skills, and is just such a nice and genuine person.  Her treatments have made a significant improvement in my quality of life.  I highly recommend Stacey."

"Stacey has a wonderful knowledge of all aspects of acupuncture.  She has treated whatever is going on at the time of my visit.. sometimes minor allergy issues and sometimes bigger things like healing from arthroscopy.  I'm selfishly sorry she's relocating to Santa Cruz and will miss her.  Y'all are lucky to have her in your area!"
     ~S.C. - San Jose

"Stacey, I want to thank you for giving me my first acupuncture treatment.  You were so professional and competent, and I felt very comfortable with you working on me....  By the next afternoon, it was like I was totally healed....  It was like a small miracle!"
     ~ K.G.

"Thanks so much for your care and services.  I have not had any recurrence of dizziness or nausea.  I really do appreciate it!"
     ~ J.K.

"You did wonders for my back.  I felt so much better the very next day!  Thank you."
     ~ V.C.

"Thank you so much for your healing hands and expertise.  I am able to smile and laugh again.... what a relief!"
     ~ T.N.

"Thank you for all the effort and caring that you put into my journey toward robust health.  It is your dedicated caring quality in particular, that made the difference because it gave me faith that the treatments would produce a solution.  And they did!  It's hard to overstate how important that is when dealing with depression."

"I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU.  You moved me out of the pain from the car wreck.  That was such a blessing!  I got my life back."